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Indian Army NCC Special Entry Scheme April 2017 Latest News

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Scheme:- Application are invited from UNMARRIED/MARRIED male and UNMARRIED female applicants and also from the Wards of Battle Casualties of Army Personnel. For grant of Short Service Commission in the Army under NCC entry  project 41st course Apr 2017. Get Full Details of Indian Army NCC Special Entry Scheme

अब भारतीय सेना भरती पर नवीनतम समाचार अपने मोबाइल फोन पर प्राप्त करे | उसके लिए ऊपर दिए गए Subscription Box से अपने ईमेल आईडी (E-Mail ID) को रजिस्टर करें तथा अपने आस-पास जिले में सेना भरती की सूचना प्राप्त करे |

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Eligibility 2017

  • A applicants must someone b: (1) A citizen of India, (2) A subject of Bhutan, (3) A subject of Nepal, (4) A Tibetan refugee who came over to Indian before the 1st of January 1962 with  the motive of permanently settling in India or (5) A person of Indian basic who has migrated from Pakistan, Sri Lank, Burma and East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, the Uinted Republic of Tanzania, Zambia Malawi, Zaire and Ethiopic and Vietnam with the motive of permanently settling in India provided that a applicant belonging to ranking (2) (3) (4) and (5) above shall be men in whose facet a certificate to ability has been appeared by the Government of India. Certificate of ability will. All the same not be important in the case of applicant who are Gorkha subjects of Nepal.  
  • Applicant withdrawn on disciplinary ground from NDA, IMA, OTA or any other Service Training Academy is NOT capable to apply.

तकनीकी एंट्री स्कीम: 37th Course 10+2Indian Army Bharti TES Apply Online Before 7th December

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Age Limit 2017

  • Age limit:- For NCC applicant (inclusive wards of Battle Causalities) 19 to 25 years as 1 Jan earlier than 2 Jan 92 and not after than 1 Jan 98, both dates include)

Note:- The date of birth granted by this office is that entered in the 19th or an equivalent examination certificate. No other documents relating to age will be granted and so subsequent  request for its change will be consider or accepted .

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Physical Standards

  • Height and Weight:- The minimum agreeable height and weight for men is 157.5 cms with related to weight for women Applicant is 152 cms and 42 Kg. In case of applicant belongs to north east and h cool areas like Gokhas, Nepalese, Assamese and Garhwali’s the height is relaxed by 5 cms and weight compatible with reduced height and some applicant from Lakshadweep the minimum agreeable height can be diminished by 2 cms.
  • Visual Standards:– For male applicant distance Vision better eye 6/6 and worse eye 6/18. Myopia should not  more than 3.5D and hypermetropia not more than 3.5 inclusive Astigmatism. For women applicants al least agreeable visual ability are Distant Vision better eye 6/6, worse 6/18, Myopia of not more than minus 5.5 inclusive Astigmatism. Internal examination of the eye will be done by means of ophthalmoscope to rule out any   disease of the eye. A applicant should be able to recognize red and green colors. Applicants aged 20 years or above who have pass off Laser Surgery for improvement of refractive error will be considered for commission in Army if they fulfill as on criteria:-
  • Uncomplicated constant LASIK/Excimer (PRK) laser procedure done for Myopia of Hypermetopia, with constant refraction for a period of six months after the procedure.
  • A healthy retina.
  • Corrected vision shoule be 6/6 in better eye and 6/9 in worse eye, with maximum reduce refraction of 1.50 in any meridian for myopia or hypermetropia.
  • Axial length within valid limits.

Selection in Indian Army NCC Special Entry

  • All application are to be forwarded to the OC. Unit from where NCC ‘C’ diploma has been acquired. The NCC Units/Grouo HQs will forward the application to State NCC Directorates who in turn will forward the same to HQ Directorate General NCC. Head Quarters Directorate General NCC will forward the applications to Directorate General enrolling.
  • The total screening/ Shortlisting/Checking of applications based on ability qualifications of the applicant will be taking away at every level, NCC unit by the NCC Derectorates and by Head Quarter DG NCC.
  • Applicant not in receipt of admit card from any of the selection Centers for SSB interview should believe that either their applications have been received after suitable date or have been found unfair and rejected. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained. Applicants after shortlisting will be detailed for SSB interview by Derectorate General of Recruiting.
  • Coming at the Selection Centre the applicant will be administered stage- of the two platform verifying procedure. Applicant failing in platform-1 I will be sent back on the same day and those who qualify will be hold in to undergo platform-2nd comprising of Group Tests.
  • Applicants recommended by SSBs will be  expected to go through Medical Exam. Applicant who are found medically fit and fine will be placed in ordered of merit as per the marks got in SSB interview amongst the recommended applicants . Boarding and lodging until interview at SSB s are free. Recommendation by SSB provide no right of admission to the Officers Training Academy.
  • The merit list of the recommended applicant will be expressed our expressed website

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Medical Exam 2017

  1. Medical Examination:– Applicant recommended by the Selection board will pass off a medical exam by board. Women applicants recommended by service board will pass medical examination by a medical board of male/ female doctors and Specialist.  All the same there will be a Lady Medical officer as member of the Medical board for female applicants. Only those applicants will be admitted to the Academy who are declared fit by the Special Medical Board. How ever the applicants declared unhealthy will be intimated by the President of the Special Medical Board about procedure for Appeal Medical Board (AMB).  Applicants who are unhealthy may apply for Appeal AMB to be completed within 42 days of SMB and may request for Repeal Medical Board within 1 day of finishing of Appeal Medical Board.
  1. In their personal interest the applicant are advised to pass off a preliminary medical check-up for wax in ears, refractory error of eyes and fungal infection of skin before reporting for the SSB interview.
  1. Group Insurance:- The Gentlement/Lady of OTA when in receipt of stipend are insured for Rs. 6o lack with impact from  1 Oct 2015. Those who get medically boarded out of Army on account of inability, the inability cover provided for 100 percent inability will be Rs.25 lack which is correctly diminished up to Rs.. 5 lack for 20 percent inability. However for less than 20% inability advantage but an Ex-Gratia Grant of Rs. 50000/- will be paid. Inability due to drug addiction and due to the disease of pre enrolment origin will not qualify for inability and ex Gratia Grant.
  1. Stipend/Pay during Training at OTA.:- until the period of training the applicants will be given s stipend or Rs.21000/- The stipend will be modified to pay for all purposes on successful completion of training and the allowances admissible will be paid. On ending of training and the allowance admissible will be paid. On ending of training officers are commissioned as Lt ad entitled to the pay scale as given in Para 17 above.
  1. The final allotment of Arma/Service at  the time of passing out will be the only discretion of integrated HQ, Min of Defence (Army) keeping in view the existing policy. No representation is qualified on this account

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Vacancies 2017

  • NCC Men-50 (45 for General Category and 5 for Wards of Battle Casualties of Army workers only ).
  • NCC Women-5 (4 for women general category and 1 for wards of battle causalities of Army workers only).

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Scheme Educational Qualifications

  1. Educational Qualification and other Criteria.
  • Certificate Holders.

           (aa) Degree of a Certified University or equivalent with aggregate of minimum 50% marks taking into account marks of all the years.

            (ab) Those students are studying in the final year are also allowed to apply provided they have secured minimum 50% aggregate marks in the first tow/three years of three and four years degree course serially. Such students will need to secure entire aggregate of minimum 50% marks if recommended failing which their applicators  will be cancelled. The applicants studying in the final year of graduation should  complete viva, oral, projects, backlogs, etc prior to 1 April 2017.  They should be capable to produce the degree within 12 weeks from the date of opening of training at OTA, Chennai. Like a applicant will be inducted for training at OTA Chennai an additional bond basis for recovery of the cost of training as notified from regular as well as stipend and pay and allowance paid, in case they fail to produce the requisite degree certificate.

-> Official News regarding “Indian Army NCC Special Entry Scheme

  • Service in NCC:- Should have served for minimum two academic years in the senior Division/ Wing of NCC.
  • Grading:- Should have got minimum of ‘B’ Grade in C Certificate Exam of NCC.

(b )  For Ward of Battle Casualties of Army Personal

  • Educational Qualification:- Degree of a recognized University or common with aggregate of minimum 50% marks taking into account marks of all the years.
  • NCC ‘C’ certificate not wanted.
  • Apply manually as per the format of Application form are available on Official website on .
  • In addn to above for wards of battle casualties the following documents are also to be fixed along with the application form are as on:-

(aa) A letter to the impact that the parent has been killed reported missing in work appeared by MP Dte/Related Regimental Records and a copy of Part 2nd sequence notifying injuries and being  modified as “Battle Causualty” in case of serving/medically boarded out pers.

(ab)  Relative certificate appeared by Respective Regimental Records/MP Dte.

  • The vacancies under wards of battle casualties are present towards (sons and daughter inclusive legally adopted) of battle casualties specific as:-

(aa) Kiled in action

(ab) Died of wound or injuries .

(ad) Lost

(c )  Last date of Receipt of Indian Army NCC Special Entry Scheme Application in Rtg Dte for Wards of Battle Causalities is 22 Aug 2016.

Indian Army NCC Special Entry for the Year 2017 is going to Start Soon on Official Website. 

  1. Physical Fitness Standards at OTA:- Prospective applicants are advised to exercise and keep themselves physically healthy  in order to avoid any injury due to the rigorous physical training at Officers Training Academy. In order to be able to adjust to the regime there. Applicant are meaningful to achieve following standard before joining the OTA. If finally selected:-
  • Running 2.4 km in 15 minutes  (b) Pushup-13 Nos. (c) Sit ups-25 (d) Chin ups -6 Nos. (e) Rope Climbing 3-4 Meters.
  1. Those applicant who own interest are advised to undergo a preliminary medical checkup for wax in ears refractory error of eyes and fungal reaction of skin before reporting for the SSB interviews.

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Scheme Training 2017

  1. Training:- Period of Training is 49 weeks  at OTS, Chennai, on successful ending of which Applicant will be accepted commission in the rank  of Lt. Applicants will not be allowed to live with parents/ guardians. Applicant must not marry during they complete the full training at OTA. A applicant who marries subsequent to the date of his/her application though successful at the service selection board interview or Medical Examination will be not begin for training. A applicant it he she/he marries while under training shall be discharged and will be responsible to refund all expenditure incurred on him/her  by the govt. It is also applicable to the wards of Battle Causalities of Army personal

15  Terms and Conditions of Service.

  • Joining the Army few of Personal Restriction in service will be imposed in accordance with article 33 of constitution of India as promoted in the Army Act and Army Rules from time to time.
  • Period of Probation An officers will be on probation for a period of 6 months from the date he/she receives his commission. If he/she is reported on within the probationary time as unfit to retain his/her commission his/her services may be terminated any time whether before or after the expiry of the probationary time.
  • Posting:- Personal acceptance short service commission are responsible to serve anywhere in India and foreign.
  • Tenure of Engagement :- Officers will be expected to serve for ten years increase by a further time of four years subject to their performance having been found fit for extension to tenure and  having given option for the service. Male Officers who are willing to continue services in Army after the expiry of 10 years in Short service commission may if capable and suitable in all respects be considered for grant of permanent commission in analogy with the occasional rules.
  • Termination of Commission:- An officer accepted short service commission will be responsible to serve for ten years but his commission may be finished at any time by the Government of India for-
  • Misbehave or if she/h service are found to be unsatisfactory ,
  • On account of medical unfitness.
  • If his/ hr service are longer accepted,
  • If he/she fails to qualify in any prescribed test or course
  • Officer may on giving 3 months notice be permitted to resign his/her

        Commission on compassionate grounds of which the governments to of India will be the only judge. Officer who is permitted to resign his/her commission on compassionate grounds will not be able for terminal final gratuity. 

16  Entitlement for Travelling Allowance:- Applicants appearing for SSB interview for the first time for a particular type of commission shall be entitled for AC 3rd Tier to and fro railway fare or bus fare inclusive reservation Cum sleeper charges within the Indian Limit. Those applicants who appear again for the same type of commission will not be entitled to travelling allowances on any subsequent chance.

  1. The last allocation of Armas/Service will be made prior to passing out of gentlemen lady cadets from OTA.
  1. Reserve Liability:- SSC officers on show before or expiry of contractual length of service will carry reserve responsibility to serve the Army for five years plus two years on voluntary basis or up to the age age of 37 years for women and 40 years for men whatever is earlier.

How to Apply For Indian Army NCC Special Entry


(a) For NCC ’C’ Certificate Holders Only.

                (1) Application will only granted online on website

                (2) One the website

                (3) Click the officers entry ‘Apply/Login’ and then click Registration.

                (4) Follow onscreen instruction for registration. Fill online Registration after reading instructions very sharply. After registration your profile will open. Click on ‘Apply online’ to process the application.

                (5)  Your Regisration detail will confirm will confirm your ability to apply click on Apply and a page Application form will open. Increase with the application as per onscreen instructions. Read onscreen instruction sharply and click continue to fill detail under different segments-Personal information communication detail, Education and details of previous SSB.

                (6) filling the detail of last section you will move to a page ‘Summary of information’ . When you check all entries  you have so far. Only after verify the correctness of all your detail click on SUBMIT after submitting click on PDF and take two copies of the application form having the roll number by the system.

NOTE:-  Detail submitted will NOT  be changed under any circumstance and NO presentation in this regard shall be entertained.

(7)One copy of the print out of application form duly signed photograph affixed and self attested alongwith  all documents as describe at para (a) (1) (ac) above should be forwarded to the OC, NCC unit from wher NCC  ‘C’ Certificate has been issued. The second copy of printout of online application is safely by the applicant for his reference and carried to the SSB.

(8) Application of Applicant serving in the Armed Forces duly counter signed by commanding officer should be sent to the OC, NCC unit form where NCC ‘C’ has been appeared.

(9) All NCC units will forward the application to DDG, NCC of the careful state.

(10) DDG, NCC State will process all application and following them to Dte  Gen NCC. Dte Gen NCC will check actually of following documents prior to onward them to Dte Gen of Rtg:-

   (aa) Date of birth from class 10th with certificate.

   (ab) 12th class certificate and mark sheet.

   (ac) Degree/Provisional degree is from a University recognized by Association of Indian Universities (ALU).

 (ad) Marks sheet of all year/semester and ensure that applicant has minimum 50 % marks in the aggregate  for two/three  years of three/four years course serially.

 (ae) NCC ‘C’ Certificate with minimum ‘B’ Grading.

  1. Directorate General of Recruiting (Rtg ‘A’) Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence, reserve the right to shortlist application on the foundation of grade acquired by the applicants in NCC ‘C’ certificate examination of marks in degree exams.
  2. Any change in your permanent address, Telephone number etc , after submission of application must be communicated by post duly quoting your roll number, name and course for,

Indian Army NCC Special Entry 2017 Important Notice

  1. Please confirm correctness of your particulars while filling up online application form. No correspondence regarding correction to particulars once filled up shall be entertained at any stage and the form shall be rejected.
  2. Applicants must submit only one online application form. Receipt of more than one application form one applicant will result in cancellation.
  3. Applicant must note that all those appearing for SSB interview for SSC –NT-105 (Apr 2017) & SSC (NT) women-19 course as CDSE applicant will NOT be able to appear for NCC spl Entry-41 Course SSB. Application form by the applicant as per format available online alongwith application form.


(b) The last date for receipt of application is as given below:-

     (1) At NCC Bn                                                –22 Aug 2016

     (2) At NCC Gp HQ                                         -03 Sep 2016

     (3) At DG NCC                                               -17 Sep 2016

      (4) At Rtg Dte from Dte Gen NCC                 -30 Sep 206 

Note:  Application redeived after due date will neither be opened  not be entertained .

                (c)  Procedure of Applying for Wards of Battle Causalities only.

                Procedure for applying for Ward of Battle Causalities is given at Para

          4(b) Above Last date for receipt of application in Dte Gen of Recruiting for Wards of Battle casualties in 22 aug 2016.

Document Required For Indian Army NCC Special Entry

  1. Documents to be carred to the selection centre by the applicant duly self attested.

                (a) Copy of 10th or even certificate and class 10th marks sheet.

                (b) Copy of 12th class certificate & Marks sheet.

                (c) Copy of Graduation Degree and copy of Marks sheets of all year/Semesters.

                (d) Copy of NCC ‘C’ Certificate

                (e)  All certificates are mentioned important in original. Originals will be returned after verification at the service selection board itself. Any applicant who does not carry the above document for the SSB interview his candidature will be postpone.

                (f) Change if any in name and spelling as recorded in 10th class or equivalent certificate and Graduation or certified must be supported by affidavit and Gazette notification authorizes the change.

Check Indian Army NCC Special Entry Scheme Pay Scale And Allowance

  • Pay Scale and Promotion Criteria. – The promotion from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel is on time scale basis and again on selection basis subject to supply of requisite service conditions. The pay scale and promotion criteria are as given below:-
Pay Band/Scale Rank Grade Pay MSP Remark
90000 (Fixed) COAS Nil Nil  –
80000(Fixed) VCOAS/Army

Cdr/Lt Gen (NFSG)

Nil Nil – 
75500-(annual increment@3%)-80000 HAG+Scale* Admissible to 1/3rd of Lt


Nil Nil – 
67000-(annual increment @3%)-79000 Lt General/HAG


Nil Nil – 
PB-4/37400-67000 Major General 10000 Nil – 
PB-4/37400-67000 Brigadier 8900 6000 – 
PB-4/37400-67000 Colonel 8700 6000 On selection basic subject to fulfillment of requisite service conditions.
PB-4/37400-67000 Lt Colonel 8000 6000 On completion of 13 years
PB-3/15600-39100 Major 6600 6000 On completion of 6 years
PB-31/5600-39100 Captain 6100 6000 On completion of 2 years
PB-3/15600-39100 Lieutenant 5400 6000 On Commission
  • Allowance as Applicable:-
To Whom Applicable Allowances Rates
All Officers posted as instructors Instructional Allowance 1800/-
All Officers undergoing specified courses Qualification Pay/Grant for Service Courses 6000-20000/-
All Officers Uniform Allowance (Outfit Allowance) Initial 14000/- and 3000/- every three years.
All Officers Kit Maint Allowance 400/- pm
To Officers not provided Govt. Accommodation. House Rent Allowance 10%-30% of Basic Pay (Pay Band+ Grade Pay + MSP)
Officers posted in Peace Station Transport Allowance 3200+DA Pm in A1/A Cities and 1600+ DA Pm other  Cities
Officers Posted in Special Forces Special Force Allowance 9000/-pm
Officers posted in Active Parachute Bn/Regt Parachute Allowance 1200/-pm
Officers Posted as Army Aviation Flying Allowance 9000/-pm
Officers posted in Siachen Siachen 14000/-pm
Officers posted in High

Altitude/Uncongentel Climate

High Altitude/Uncongentel climate 11200/-pm
Officers Posted to Fd Area Fd Area Allowance 4200/-pm

Note:-  In the case of allowance special of Defence Forces the rates of these allowance have been further enhanced by 50% as Dearness  Allowance has gone up to by 100%

  1. Cost to Company (CTC): The CTC for a Lieutenant would be almost Rs. 70000/- per month. This attach Basic Pay, DA, Grade Pay, Military Service Pay. Tech Pay. House Rent Allowance and Transport Allowance.
  2. Leave Entitlements:- On Commission, officers are entitled to 60 days yearly and 20 days accidental leave each year(subject to service compulsion) . They are also entitled for 40% Railway concession to any place free travelling as per current rules for self and family. Leave during training time will be as per the Training Policy in force.
  3. Sports and Adventure:- The Army available facilities to forward any sports of your interest. In addition one can learn and participate in adventure sports, like river rafting, Mountaineering, hot air ballooning, hang gliding, Horse Riding etc.
  4. Common mistakes resulting in Rejection of Application .

                (a) Photographs are not self attested.

                (b) Percentage below 50%

                (c) Application incomplete in any respect and without copies of requisite certificate will be refused summarily. Documents whatever submitted at further certificate will not be acted upon. No correspondence will be entertained by NCC .

                (d) Variation in names and spellings as recorded in 10th or equivalent certificate and Graduation should be supported by an affidavit and Gazette information.

                (e) Self attested copies of 10th or certificate are not found enclosed with application.

                (g) Application NOT received by due date.

                (h) Applicants who submit more than one application will be ineligible for this course.

  1. Any cutting false information detected at any stage of selection in certificate application will result in the cancel of the applicants.

27  Place of SSB will be expressed on General Recruiting website www

  1. Cost of Training:- The overall cost of training is at Government expense. In case the GC is out from training academy due to causes other than Medical ground or the causes not beyond his control, he will be responsible to refund cost of training@ Rs. 8785/- per week for the duration of his stay at Indian Military Academy.

Indian Army NCC Special Entry Scheme Interview Date 2017

         (a) Request for modified  of SSB interview dates will NOT be granted. However under most unavoidable situation such a change may be considered based on the situation of the case.

                (b) Applicant failing to initiate the reasons for not be present SSB interview on the due date to the selection center from where the call up letter was received.

                (c) No request for change of interview center will be entertained below any situation.

  1. Important Instructions.:-

                (a) In case the Provisional degree certificate marks sheets do not signal clearly the maximum marks and marks obtained  for all the years a certificate from University signed by the board of exam must be enclosed stating that Mr……………………………………………..has got…………………………….marks out of ………………………………………..marks as aggregate in the Degree examination taking all the years marks into account in such cases  if the certificate is not found then application will be rejected.

                (b) Any change in your postal address after submission of application must be communicated by post duly your Roll No Nam and course opted for.

  1. For Queries Contact Recruiting Directorate Tele. No (011)26173215, 26175473. Fax No 26196205 between 1400 to 1700 Hrs (Monday to Friday).


NOTE:- For all queries Regarding Indian Army NCC Special Entry Scheme concerning allotment of Selection centers date of interview merit list, joining instruction and any other relevant information regarding selection process website

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